Teaneck Sound Recording Studio, was founded in 2000 with the concept of owner Andrea Valentini, to create a relaxed and friendly environment where he would be able to develop and record his own projects and those of his closest musician friends.  The facility started off like the typical home studio, but over time many instrumental, technical and structural upgrades were made, including adding recording booths, which brought the studio to the professional facility that it is today.

The subsequent acquisition of the “Trident Vector 432” 52 channels analog mixer, the “Yamaha C7 Grand Piano” loved by many pianists, and the “Studer  A827”  24-Tracks 2 inch tape machine, which offers the option to record in analog format as well as digital using Pro Tools, confirms the achievement of a high professional level recording facility.

In 2011, prompted by musician friends and frequent requests from third parties to use the facility to make records, Andrea decided to open the studio to the public, and after a series of further adjustments to make the environment completely comfortable for everyone, in 2012 Teaneck Sound officially opened its doors.

 Located in Teaneck, New Jersey, which is not far from Manhattan and easily reachable, Teaneck Sound is the ideal place to develop and produce music projects, in a typical suburban environment, where you can still hear the sounds of nature and the taste of tranquility, where you can collect all your best ideas and then record them.

Andrea Valentini is the drummer of “Blood Sweat and Tears”, and he has different drum sets that are available to use to record on, as well as other musical instruments which are described in the Gear List.The team of Teaneck Sound welcomes everyone, convinced and confident to offer professional service, and invites all who wish to visit the studio not to hesitate to contact them for an appointment. To all new customers a special promotional rate will be applied, as an introduction and welcome to the Teaneck Sound Recording Studio.

We proudly use  microphones and preamps.

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